Team Fundraising Guide

Remember these four words: Motivation, Inspiration, Encouragement, and Support

Set a team goal and aim high! This will motivate your team members to set their individual goals higher to help reach that overall goal.

Don’t forget to ASK. Asking everyone on your team to fundraise will guarantee a successful Cupid’s Undie Run Team!

Encourage your team members to ASK. Tell them to ask everyone they know for a donation. You can’t get what you don’t ask for!

Keep Team members motivated and excited by sending weekly emails. You can send fundraising tips, success stories, shout outs to the highest fundraiser for the week or even a story about your local NF Hero. Post team shout outs on social media and include a special mention to those who are working extra hard to raise money.

Distribute copies of sample fundraising emails for your members to copy and send.  Remind them to share their individual and team goals in their emails.  Donors love to see that they are helping a runner reach their goal.

Make sure your team has materials available (e.g. flyers, Cupid’s merch) so they can talk about Cupid’s Undie Run.

Check in on your team members.  Are they reaching their personal fundraising goals?  If they have met and surpassed goals, encourage them to increase their fundraising goals.  Ask them if they need support.

Work with another Team Captain and challenge his/her team to see who can raise the most.  Friendly competition is a good way to reach and exceed fundraising goals!

Remind them to thank their donors.  Donors love to know they are making a difference in the fight against neurofibromatosis.

Praise your team members. It is important to let your team members know that they play an important role in not only the success of your team, but to the success of Cupid’s Undie Run as a whole in helping to find a cure for NF.

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