Team Captain Guide

What is a Team?

A Team for Cupid’s Undie Run is a group of  2 or more Undie Runners who decide to

run, have fun, and fundraise together for a cure for NF.

Why form a Team?

  1. Because it’s FUN to run with your friends!
  2. Raising money for a great cause is a terrific bonding experience for your friends, family, neighbors and co-workers.
  3. When you form a team, you increase the number of potential supporters and then more money is raised to fight NF.

Who can be on my Team?

Who do you know? That’s who can be on your team! Typically teams are made up of friends, family, neighbours, co-workers, similar interest groups (your running group or sports team) or a combination of these.

Friends and Family Teams

These teams are usually made up of people with a direct connection to Neurofibromatosis, either through someone they know or someone in their own family.  Last year’s Top Fundraising Team was a friends and family team: “The Barney Army” raised $46,785!

Co-Worker Teams

Fundraising together is great for office morale and there can be an added benefit –matching gifts.  See our guide on fundraising in the work place.

How do I start?

  • Go to
  • Click on REGISTER
  • As you register, click on START or JOIN a Team.
  • Click on START a Team and follow the prompts.
    • If you want to start a company team, it might be best to meet with your boss or HR department first.
    • Explain that this type of group participation raises the profile of the company and provides the employees with a great opportunity to bond outside of work all for a worthy cause.
  • Decide who you want to invite to join your team. While this event is really fun, you are fundraising to help find a cure for NF.  Invite fun-loving, go-getters to join your team who you know will be committed to raising money.
  • Your Team Members will follow the same steps you followed, except they choose the JOIN a Team option from the dropdown menu.  Make sure you tell them your team name!
  • Set fundraising goals! The team page goal is a number that you can change as more people register. If you want everyone to raise at least $300 then your team goal might be $1,500+ if you have five people on your team, but if you add five new people then you change your Team Goal to $3,000+.

I set up my personal fundraising page, my team page and I have ten people on my team.  Now what?

  • An organised approach to fundraising always brings in more money, so don’t forget to develop your strategy!
  • Think about the people you know and how you can connect to each of them personally. Open Facebook. Pull out your address book. Scroll through contacts on your phone. Your potential donors aren’t just your close friends and family, but everyone you know. You never know who is ready to give, so don’t leave anyone out!
  • Timing is key. What’s going on in each individual’s life? (Going in for heart surgery? Not a good time to ask.) Use personal approaches to ask for a donation, and also to follow up. People will surprise you. You will find that most will say, “YES, I want to help!”
  • Ask everyone… Yes everyone. They can live far away and still make a donation to your fundraising page.
  • Sponsor yourself. If you can donate $50, chances are the 100 people in your address book can also donate $50.  Think about it, that’s the difference between raising $50 and $5050.
  • Contact us at CTF and see if a local NF Family would be willing to meet with your team and discuss the impact the disease has had on them.
  • Use our fundraising tips. We have provided you with a list of fundraising tips here.
  • Plan a fundraising event. A party. A group workout. A dinner at your favourite restaurant. A poker night. A raffle. Waxing or tanning parties (you gotta look good for the big day!)
  • If you have an inspired moment of true genius and come up with an idea that we haven’t thought of, please share it with us. We will give you credit. We want everyone in all 40 Cupid’s Undie Run cities in the US and Australia to know how brilliant you are!
  • If you need help, ask us.
  • Recognise the outstanding fundraisers on your team. Have a Facebook page for your Cupid’s Undie Run team and feature the week’s top fundraiser. Do shout-outs in your weekly emails to those working hard.
  • Make a team YOUTUBE video and share the link with your friends.
  • Have a prize for your team’s top fundraiser.
  • Compete with other teams. On the website there will be a list of the top teams in your city. Get on that list!
  • Don’t be embarrassed. You are fundraising for the Children’s Tumour Foundation and to help find a cure for neurofibromatosis. This is an extremely worthwhile cause and you should be PROUD that you have decided to be a Team Captain and fundraise your undies off!

Matching Gifts

A matching gift is a donation made by a corporation or foundation in support of an employee’s contribution to a nonprofit organisation.  Matching gifts are an increasingly vital resource for many nonprofit organisations because of their ability to double, triple, or even quadruple an individual’s contribution.  If your company does not have a Matching Gift Program, ask your boss, CEO, or other company executive if they will match what your team raises or sponsor the first 10 runners to register.


Being a Team Captain can be challenging, but if you follow our guide and use the tips and hints with a positive outlook and enthusiasm, you are sure to be a crazy-amazing fundraiser!

Your passion and energy will help carry us to the $180,000 mark and make this the BEST CUPID’S UNDIE RUN EVER!

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