Xavier was born in 2013, and what a battle he has faced! Xavier, like his mum and sister, has Neurofibromatosis type 1. Xavier is a strong Richmond supporter and states his favourite player is Jack Reidwoldt. He loves AFL and loves kicking the footy! He also, like most kids, loves Paw Patrol and Peppa Pig.


Xavier was slow to reach his mile stones and for his first year spent most of the time crying. He started walking just before turning 2 and within 6 months we noticed things were very wrong. He lost confidence in his abilities and stopped doing tasks he previously did well. That is when we contacted the NF clinic who were concerned. We were seen there within a couple of weeks, and had an MRI very soon after. The MRI found a very large plexiform neurofibroma in his spinal/hip region going down his left leg impacting his strength and control of his left leg. He can’t run and falls often. He has a higher than average pain threshold, which means if he injured it is hard to know what happened and when.   He also has a small growth on the hypothalamus region of his brain.  Xavier has limited speech, and many developmental delays believed to be part of his NF. Xavier also requires regular MRIs to ensure his tumours are stable and not causing any further issues.

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