They say a mother’s intuition is always right. For once I wanted to be wrong. I wasn’t.

My son River is number 5 out of 6. When he entered this world my heart instantly filled with love. He was perfect. He is almost 2 years old and is still perfect. He will always be perfect despite recently being diagnosed with a gene defect called neurofibromatosis.

Gene defect. It sounds so awful. It’s hard enough to even pronounce neurofibromatosis let alone get my head around what this actual diagnosis means.

It was a journey to reach this diagnosis and even after numerous doctor/specialist visits it was only when googling birth marks that I came across the possibility he has neurofibromatosis. My suspicions were confirmed a month later with his clinical diagnosis.

I’m glad I followed my gut instinct and followed up with the neurologist. While I wish my suspicions were unfounded I know that now we have a diagnosis we can address any issues that come up. We can seek the right treatment for him and be vigilant in ensuring there are no life threatening complications.

I can monitor him for any learning delays, get him the extra help needed, and do my very best to ensure he continues to have a normal and healthy life. By all accounts there is no reason why he shouldn’t, and he will.

River is special. He is bright, cheeky and mischievous. He is perfect. He will always be perfect.

It’s been a long journey but I know it’s just getting started.


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