Mia & Rebecca

Mia and Rebecca were born with a genetic condition called NF1. These sisters are best friends and share so much in common outside of their diagnosis. They love their pets and enjoy playing outside.

Like many children with NF, they have faced many challenges in life. Mia has ASD, ADHD and learning difficulties. Rebecca finds it hard to keep still and concentrate and whilst NF1 affects her brain, she doesn’t let it stop her from going on adventures or being creative and imaginative. Becky too has complications from NF1, including an optic nerve glioma, NF1 brain lesions and short stature.  Becky loves to play with her dolls and loves to go on the swing. These girls are NF HEROES, they do karate and dancing and despite the difficulties they face, they are normal kids who love life, making friends and going on adventures.

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