Chantelle is the beautiful daughter of NF hero mum and CTF supporter, Karla.  She was born with a discolouration on her left arm and given her mum’s NF diagnosis, at just three days old, her mum knew she had NF1 too.  A neurologist diagnosed a plexiform neurofibroma in her Chanelle’s arm. This is a type of tumour which runs deep and takes over several nerves. Since then it has also been discovered she has scoliosis, one leg is longer than the other and another plexiform neurofibroma in her chest. She may require surgery on the growth plate in one of her legs to help prevent further curving of her spine. She has mild learning difficulties and requires regular MRIs to check her tumours.

Despite all of this Chantelle does ballet and loves it! She is an avid Harry Potter fan like her mum and she loves Pokemon and bushwalking!

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