Zoe Reihben – Brisbane Race Director

Introducing the beautiful Zoe, our Race Director for Brisbane and chair of the Queensland CTF committee.

Zoe was thrown in to the world of NF when her daughter was 9 weeks old. Emme was given a ‘probable’ diagnosis of NF1 based on her cafe au lait marks. Emme’s diagnosis was devastating for Zoe and her family and continues to be a challenge they face every day.

When asked what she wished people knew about NF, Zoe said,

I wish people knew how devastating it is for families. Whether your child is mildly or more severely affected, it’s a worry you carry with you every day….It’s my hope that those who have lived silently with this disorder, hiding themselves or their pain away, will feel the strength of this movement towards greater awareness and that they will feel supported and understood.


Zoe has been an active member within the Children’s Tumour Foundation and NF community and is very passionate about raising awareness and fundraising for a cure.

The Celebrate Difference message of Cupid’s is important to Zoe because she believes that…

When differences create insecurity it is important that we stand up and create greater awareness, to remove those insecurities and replace them with support. My darling girl is no more or less different to any one else in this world, she just also happens to suffer from NF.

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