Cupid’s Top Ten Tips to Triple Your Takings and #ConquerNF

By Alice Dell, Individual Top Fundraiser and Team Leader for the Barney Army

1.***Be part of a team

It’s a fact we are more more motivated when we work as a team – so create one. Even if there’s only 2 of you, unite with a team name.


2.***Aim high

Decide on how much you want to raise and double it. People are more generous than we believe…there’s nothing to lose and so much to gain by having a high fundraising target.


3.***Acknowledge people

Publicly acknowledge people for their support, tag them in social media or do something crazy like write their name on your body or a cape to be worn on the day of the run. Any support from emotional support to small or large donations deserves recognition and we all appreciate being acknowledged for the great things we do.


4.***We all appreciate reminders

Don’t be afraid to remind people by posting/emailing frequently. Many people forget and appreciate the reminder.


5.***Keep donors informed as to the MASSIVE VALUE of their contribution

  • Send posts/emails updating people on your fundraising progress.
  • Look out for CTF emails that describe what the funds raised have gone towards in the past year or what they will be going towards this year and copy them into your messages. When people know exactly what they are supporting they are more likely to contribute.


6.***Tell a story

It’s hard to share the devastating experiences you have as an individual or family member of someone who has NF. But people have responded beyond belief when I have shared just parts of my story that I am comfortable with.

  • If you have a direct connection with NF, share what you are comfortable to share.
  • If you lead a team, encourage them to personalise their fundraising page and support them with info to do this.
  • If you are running for a friend impacted by NF, ask them what they are comfortable for you to share and do it
  • If you are doing this run with no connection to NF, please describe why on your fundraising page. Just one true sentence touches people more than the generic statement provided.


7.***Include a photo

Photos don’t need to be of your worst moments but just pictures of these perfect humans being everyday kids or adults  – that’s what affects people so much of the time in my experience… just beautiful kids being affected by so much NF mischief.


8.***Unite your team with constant contact

Create a group (email, Facebook, Messenger, WhatsApp) and name the people that raise big bucks or any bucks! Decide on a theme for your costume (matching tutus, wigs) or create bandannas or capes.


9.*** Be creative!

Do you have friends who can’t make the run but would love to support Cupid’s? They can do their own fundraisers. I’ve had friends run in their undies overseas, cook a BBQ in their jocks at a construction site and organise casual clothes days at work with people giving a gold coin donation.


10.***Be passionate and positive!

We will END NF and everyone who runs with you and supports you gets to be a part of that life changing achievement.

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