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I have been a Celebrant since 2009. I perform weddings and naming days most weekends and during the week I am a Funeral Advocate helping families who need to understand what is required when a loved one dies or is diagnosed as terminally ill. Weddings give me something to do at weekends, I am always on the go, doing something, I cannot sit still and rarely watch television. If ADHD had been invented when I was younger I surely would have had it.

These days I am also on the state committee of the Children’s Tumour Foundation so I can give something back to the people whose children have been diagnosed with the genetic disorder, Neurofibromatosis and need somewhere to turn. My son was diagnosed with NF at only a few weeks old in 1979 and we had nowhere to turn. There were no support organisations and no information available in Australia. Now we have a national organisation in the Children’s Tumour Foundation and raise money in order to provide a wide range of support for families who have children diagnosed with NF. I am Race Director for Cupid’s fun run in February and event manager for NF Hero March in September.

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