Introducing Julia, a dedicated and experienced Race Director and advocate for creating awareness about Neurofibromatosis.

Julia is bringing Cupid’s to Kiama for the first time ever in 2018!

Julia was diagnosed with NF at 20 years of age, her and her daughter both have NF1. Julia has been dedicated to increasing awareness about NF for many years, both here and in the USA.

Neurofibromatosis causes tumours to form on the nerve cells, this includes the skin. People with NF can have lumps and bumps that affect their appearance and Julia wishes that people knew NF is not contagious!

According to Julia, our campaign message of “Celebrate Difference” is important because “if we were all the same, like would be pretty boring”. Julia believes that we are all human, we all have differences.

It would be nice if we could each bring along our individual talents to help make a better world for everyone to live in. It is a shame that we, as humans, have to be afraid of anything different. Different is ‘Ok’!

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