Feeling a little shy about asking for money? That’s ok, everyone gets a little nervous here and there. But there are ways of asking for donations without becoming the crazy Cupid (hey unless you want too… we won’t mind!).

Know why you’re asking for donations.

What really motivates your friends on Facebook? Familiarize yourself with our NF Champions and explain the reasoning behind Cupid’s Undie Run – we’re having fun and kicking NF ass! If you’re asking at work but don’t want your coworkers to think of you in your undies, try talking more about NF and less about the pantsless shenanigans.

Be confident when you ask!

Do you want a $20 donation from your girlfriends? Go and ask them. Briefly tell them you’re raising money for neurofibromatosis research and that a small donation of $20 will help you reach your goal of… whatever you set it at! Everyone can give something, even if it’s only $1.

Be persistent. Maybe even a teensy bit annoying.

Sometimes your friends and family need a little reminding… especially if they see you frequently. Make sure you reach out to them in a way that makes THEM feel comfortable (some people prefer texts over phone calls, emails over FB messages, etc) but don’t bombard them. A few friendly reminders here and there may be annoying but if you bombard them they may avoid you altogether.


… or any other social media account you are signed up for. Share your personal donation link with your followers with a quick message, “I’m running in my undies to raise money for neurofibromatosis research. Help me reach my goal of $____.”

Say THANK YOU like a broken record.

Did your gym give you donations? Send them thank you cards. Did your second cousin find your donation link via Facebook? Write a thank you post and tag them in it so everyone can see. Your donors have gone above and beyond for you and that deserves a heartfelt thank you!

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