Cupid’s is a fun run that isn’t about running or winning…it’s about fundraising for a cure.

We would like to introduce you to one of our Gold Coast Cupid’s heroes, Jade and her fundraising creation, ‘DOUGH FOR DOUGH’.
Jade is a mum of 4 and her close friend Rachel has a daughter with Neurofibromatosis. Jade immediately signed up to Cupid’s as soon as registrations opened. According to Jade, “NF was something I had never heard of until i met Rachel and her daughter Bella. My daughter and I decided to join Cupid’s Undie Run because it is a powerful way that we can show Rach and Bella just how much we love them and give them support. There are so many times where I watch their family struggle through this diagnosis and there isn’t much I can do. I hate that when it comes to Bella, her future has so many hospital visits, specialist appointments and uncertainties.  Cupid’s is a way for me to spread awareness about NF and the difficulties people with NF face. It lets me fundraise for a cause close to my heart and it is a really fun, quirky event”.

Jade shared her Every Day Hero Cupid’s link far and wide, on every community based page and begged people for donations. She felt like she needed to do more, and so she created ‘DOUGH FOR DOUGH’. The idea was that people received something for their money and playdough is relatively cheap to make (Although very time consuming). Jade has since spent endless hours in the kitchen making bright, colourful and all natural playdough! She has turned her bench blue, has bought Kmart out of their plastic containers and has developed some pretty impressive biceps from all the kneeding. Cupid’s dough is all natural and made with love. Jade sells the playdough for $20 and donates the profits to the Children’s Tumour Foundation through her Cupid’s account. She has raised over $1000 so far and hasn’t showed any signs of slowing down.

The Gold Coast community has responded well and Jade has a back order of her creation. ‘Dough for Dough’ is Jade’s way of fundraising and she now has local businesses supporting her and stocking her playdough. Customers have written reviews and shared her posts, everyone loves Cupid’s dough…. (the secret, Jade says, is the coconut oil, to keep it soft and smelling delicious).

Our Cupid’s team and the Children’s Tumour Foundation love to hear your fundraising stories.
If you know a Cupid’s hero, someone who is going above and beyond to fundraise or improve awareness about NF and our event, please send us an email! We want to share the love and thank you for your support!
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