Our girl Seren was born with beautiful coffee spills on her nearly seven years ago. When we asked doctors and nurses about them as she grew, we were told not to worry and that they would fade. Just before she turned 2, we saw a walk in GP who asked how Seren and her NF was going – pretty sure the blank look on my face answered him. Our NF journey had begun.

Our smiley superstar has had one hell of a journey- and is proud of the peas stuck under skin and the brown marks that make her unique. Her wonderful outlook and positivity are going to set her up in life, because we all know the struggle with NF is real. The hurdles and decisions she will have to make, truly hurts my heart.

But this has also enabled us to meet wonderful and amazing people within our NF community and we lean on each for support. We have provided information to people in the medical world who now know what NF is and we get to run in our Undies every February bringing awareness to those enjoying their Sunday coffee in the sun- we wouldn’t have it any other way!


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