Crochet Creations for a Cause


Improving awareness of Neurofibromatosis and fundraising for a cure is important to families touched by NF. In January of this year Eddie, one of our NF Heroes was diagnosed with an Optic Pathway Glioma (tumour of the optic nerve) and shortly after, developed hydrocephalous- which required emergency brain surgery to relieve the pressure before it caused serious damage to his brain. Meg (Eddie’s mum) is the race director for Cupid’s in Deniliquin and little Eddie has an entire community supporting him.

One Cupid’s hero in particular is Eddie’s Nana- Valerie Hayes.

Valerie has created a fundraising initiative called ‘Crochet Creations for a Cause’. In between working full time as a teacher’s aide, Valerie creates crochet animals that she raffles off and donates the money raised to the Children’s Tumour Foundation through her Cupid’s fundraising account. Each crochet creation takes approximately 2 weeks to make. Valerie then sells raffle tickets for $2 each, with only 100 tickets available per creation- she has raised $600 so far and shows no signs of slowing down.

We love hearing community fundraising stories- especially creative ideas such as this. If you have a creative streak or a skill, like crocheting, it is a great method of fundraising. Who doesn’t love handmade creations- especially for a good cause? Thank you to Eddie’s entire family for supporting Cupid’s, and an extra special thank you to Valerie, who has gone above and beyond and made us fall in love with her crochet creations!



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