Costumes are a huge part of Cupid’s!

Costumes are a huge part of Cupid’s!

Costumes are a HUGE part of Cupid’s Undie Run. We get it. Not everyone is comfortable stripping all the way down to their undies in public. And that’s ok! That’s why we encourage our participants to go all out with costumes. Every year we are amazed at the creativity and flair that you have come up with. Need a few ideas? Say no more…

Tutus are always popular!


You can use your costume to really send a message, we think this is real LOVE!


Underwear over the tights gives the best of both worlds: stylish, but still rockin’ the undies.


Maybe you’re feeling particularly patriotic this year?


Channel your inner superhero!


And of course, Cupid’s gear is always a fashionable choice.


We’re looking forward to seeing what crazy, fun costumes you come up with in 2017!

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