Looking for some tips on how to successfully fundraise?

We asked our fundraising extraordinaire Cam Elliott on his experience!

What were your fundraising techniques for the Cupid’s Undie Run?

I started off fundraising the same way everyone does…by asking friends and family. I realized quickly I was asking the same people to help that had helped when we first heard about NF. So then the problem was we weren’t spreading the word to improve awareness.

The first year I joked about getting my legs waxed for $3000 and suddenly I had people sharing and donating to my posts. Social media makes fundraising in inventive ways, possible. I even had ex-girlfriends donating just to see me in pain!!. The following year we needed to find something different again..and knowing the success the waxing had I moved it to a higher amount ($10000) I added 5 push-ups per $1000 to my fundraising strategy. Most days I’d do push-ups with Libby or Kaitlyn helping and would post videos on Facebook as proof. Each time I’d make sure to thank those who had donated.

Libby’s Lionhearts has some awesome friends. Mr Eric Totel had a few mugs made of his face as a joke…and this quickly turned in to a business with all the profits going to Cupid’s each year. One evening I decided to try and organize a Penguin bottle opener for some of my higher donators as a thank you. I rang a mate in the US, Mr Bobby Gerhardt who owns Reaper Customs and asked if it was possible. After about 10 mins of chatting and sending designs back and forward, we had an idea and 30 mins later we had a product. Bobby then stated he was going to sell the openers and the money raised would go towards Cupid’s.  Suddenly I had other companies offering to help, Black Pineapple Decals offered to make Decals and donated the money to Cupid’s and finally (I had thought) Mendooran Gun Club had agreed to run a charity shoot to raise funds for Cupids. As the shoot was getting planned I was gifted an Esky to Raffle and a Carton of Beer which more people showed interest in.

The craziest thing I have done to fundraise is stating that I would get a tattoo if I raised $20000. As I mentioned above Eric had been making mugs with his face on it well that had gotten further to bikinis, pillows, boxer shorts, etc plus it had a Instagram page. While getting a tattoo done Eric’s artist asked about the page. He showed the Artist the video about Libby and next min the artist offered $1500 worth of free work if he could raise $3000 so Eric put it out there for someone to get one of Eric’s mug pictures tattooed to their body with whoever donated the highest amount choosing the picture. In total they raised over $5000 and Collin Stein picked Bunny Eric for Michael Edwards Leg.

As for mine as I had met the required amount and don’t break a promise I was contacted by Zack Tait from Wicked Ink. I had planned a design which had Libby’s unicorn, Rainbows, the NF Ribbon, Libby’s name and a company that is a part of the community that has always been there for our family ‘Black Rifle Coffee’. And it was done. They have spoken to us and offered to help us again next year.

My main goal was trying to think of something different, something that will either make people laugh at me or with me or at least share the post on social media.

How much money did you raise?

Cupids 2017 $26019.15

Mega March $6880.40

Cupids 2018 $26,770.06

How are you connected to NF?

My daughter has NF2

Why do you think it is important to raise money for the Children’s Tumour Foundation?

To find a cure and improve awareness about NF2.  I have advocated for more awareness about NF2 and work closely with the CTF to try and tell our story. I realised NF2 wasn’t spoken about much, so I pushed to get people talking about it. To understand that children can be diagnosed with NF2 and suffer greatly. I take the stress and hate I have for NF and put it into finding ways to get people talking about it.

How did you feel while getting tattooed and waxed? To be honest I didn’t feel anything. It  was something I had promised so I was always going to do it. Having your 7 yr old daughter waxing your legs was  always going to hurt, but knowing people would be laughing and having a good time watching it made up for it. As for the tattoo Libby’s face when she saw it and every time she comments on it has a pride effect.


As a dad I get up every day and do whatever I can to make it better than yesterday for my family. There are times I struggle and times NF beats me, but looking at my girls and their smiles, I know I must do better and never get down.

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