Beth Connor – Adelaide Race Director

Introducing our Race Director for Adelaide, the very passionate and always friendly Beth!

Beth became involved with fundraising for the Children’s Tumour Foundation and the Cupid’s Undie Run because she believes it is a great event to help raise awareness about Neurofibromatosis. Beth was diagnosed at the age of nine with NF1 and suffers from a range of complications, some that have caused her to lose most of the vision in her right eye. She also has multiple tumours on her brain that cause frequent migraines.

For Beth, living with NF has its ups and downs, some days she says it is a struggle to be able to function normally. Like many people with NF, a major concern for Beth is the decision of whether or not to have children. People with NF have a 50% chance of their child developing NF and pregnancy can trigger new tumour growth because of the hormone changes. Beth is a Race Director because she is passionate about increasing awareness of NF and understands first hand some of the ways NF can impact families.

When asked why it is important to celebrate difference, Beth responded:


“Vive la difference!” is an expression of approval of difference; it shows that we can notice everyone’s differences and be grateful for them. There is no room for suspicion, derision or pettiness, just the desire to celebrate what makes us all different. It is what keeps the world turning”.

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