Felicity Egginton (Flick)

Felicity Egginton from Survivor explains what being an ambassador for the Children’s Tumour Foundation and the Cupid’s Undie Run means to her…

In 2016 I was a contestant on Survivor – It was the hardest, most amazing experience of my life. I came 4
th and when I returned home, I was shocked at the response and support I received from my community and the public platform that I now had. I went from being a normal Gold Coast girl, to having people recognise me from TV and I knew that I wanted to use this platform to make a positive difference in my life and in others. 

I was fortunate enough to have been given the opportunity to be an ambassador for the Children’s Tumour Foundation, and it is something I am very proud of and proactively get involved in. Being a Cupid’s Undie Run Ambassador allows me to raise awareness for Neurofibromatosis, a condition that I had previously never heard of, but that is so common. It is not only often misunderstood and misdiagnosed, but it is truly an awful condition, that causes tumours to grow anywhere in the body. I can’t imagine how it must feel living with a condition that can cause so much destruction to the body at any time. I dedicate a lot of my time talking to people about NF and fundraising for the CTF. 

Being an Ambassador for The Cupid’s Undie Run isn’t only about raising money and awareness, for me,  it is also about connecting with those who have NF and their families. Being a Cupid’s Undie Run Ambassador has changed my life and inspired me to be a better person. I have met some of the most amazing people and feel honoured to be given the opportunity to connect with these families through this charity. The CTF is unlike any other charity I know of, it is small but it is full of the most passionate people, who dedicate their lives to conquering NF and funding a cure or a treatment! It receives no government funding and it is one that truly needs support from the community. So many large organisations support the larger charities, and so the fight is even harder to get support for charities like the CTF.
I have met so many inspirational kids, men, women, parents and families that live with NF and am always in awe at their strength and find that they have such a positive outlook on life. The NF community is like a family and there is so much hope and love within it, that I am so glad to be a part of it. 
I think what has impacted me the most is that there is currently no cure and it’s easy to tell people  to be positive about a situation, but until there is a cure there is no certainty about how NF can affect a sufferer. Parents have children who are undergoing chemo for tumours, or who are living with regular MRI’s but no medical treatments or answers, their kids can lose their vision or hearing, or limbs…they are more likely to get cancer or have learning difficulties and it’s just so cruel and unfair.  
I am not just an Ambassador for the Cupid’s Undie Run, but I am now a friend to many and feel connected on a deeper, personal level with this cause.
I can’t wait to continue to raise awareness, and connect with more people to help grow this charity, so that those living with NF can have a better and happier life- like they deserve. I really believe if we come together, we can conquer NF!

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